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Royal Routes of India

Royal Routes of India

Royal Routes of India
Royal Routes of India

Must read Facts

For a journey which you can enjoy at its full and without any hurdle, we are pleased to make you aware of the facts that you should read and follow while travelling to India. We always operate on the policy of treating every visitor to India as our own responsibility being a responsible entity operating for the glory of the country by making it the safest destinations for the tourist around the world. While travelling to India you must take care of the following facts:

Always travel with an authorized and recognized travel agent

You should always check with the business credentials of your travel agent that they are approved travelling service provider or not. There are ample of tour operators who are running fake companies resulting in misguiding and cheating tourist with their malpractices.

Avoid overnight trains

Travelling from city to another is always advisable with your own rented car or from your tour operator. Overnight journeys specifically by using railways are usually not suggestible. To utilize maximum of your day, it is better to start early and come back to your hotel by sunset.

Always purchase food from the organized shops

For a complete hygiene you should always fake food from a reputed shop or hotel. Eatables available road side is not advisable for a healthy tour.

Always ask for the ID card of your tourist guide & cab driver

Do not trust people who claim to be an authentic tour guide or cab operator. Before starting your tour or ride one should always insist for showing ID card issued for the same purpose from the state government.

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