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The elegance of Rajasthan is in the charming palaces and powerful fortresses that continue to decorate the magnificent landscape. This custom tailored tour will take you through the unique desert and precious mountain scenery. You will cruise on reflective lakes alongside the graceful City Palace complex of Udaipur, and traverse the inspiring ramparts of Mehrangarh Fortress. From delicate temples to emotional hymns, endless protectorate walls to glistening ancient frescoes, you will find more than just palaces and fortresses in Rajasthan, you will find culture and the quintessence of this remarkable country. Royal Routes  provides you with an exclusive Rajasthan Tour package.

The effervescence of India surpasses the natural beauty of the landscape and encompasses every aspect of a life that is yours to experience on this custom tailored tour through famous Rajasthan. From the clothing that pops with bright blues and yellows to the glowing pink architecture, the golden desert to the emerald jungle, Royal Routes  provides you with an exclusive Rajasthan Tour package you will find yourself weaving through nature to spot the orange gilt of tigers, and marveling at the textiles that glisten jade in the sunlight. Just when you think the countryside or cityscape couldn’t be more exciting you will find another burst of life that captivates you within the colorful expanse of Rajasthan unitary.

Rajasthan Darshan

A comprehensive tour designed keeping in mind the diversity of cultures prevent in various parts of Rajasthan. “Rajasthan Darshan” brings the ethnic blending of Marwar and Mewar region? Of Rajasthan. This tour also aims to explore the topographical distinctions ranging from sand dunes to fresh water lakes. Royal Routes  provides you with an exclusive Rajasthan Tour package

Rajasthan, dissemblance at its best. A land where the landscapes and dialects change at every thousand pace. Experience the same with our package “Pearls of Rajasthan” covering Udaipur, Jodhpur and Jaipur. Udaipur, city of lakes and once the capital of the Ranas of Mewar. The city is known for its fairytale palaces that will make your fantasies come alive. Jodhpur, the city of timeless architecture, was once the capital of Rathore Rajjputs in 16th century. Mehrangarh Fort and Umaid Bhawan Place, paint capturing images of castles and places in your mind. Jaipur, known as the Pink City promises a rich tradition of ornate handicrafts and sand stone places that speak volumes about the royal past of the city Royal Routes provides you with an exclusive Rajasthan Tour package.


Private India Tour Packages

India is a huge country, home to over one billion people and 29 individual states, With verities of different tour packages each remarkably different from the last. It would take years to see it all, and even longer to understand it. On one hand, it remains a poor nation, yet the blossoming economy is helping to power a sophisticated tourism market. Gone are the days when visiting India meant having to rough it. Continue reading “Private India Tour Packages”

Destination Wedding in India

Rajasthan with its royal palaces, magnificent forts, spectacular lakes and majestic sand dunes, is one of the hottest spot and the most desirable wedding destination in the country of India. Its royal ambiance in 5-star hotels and forts make the place perfect for the destination wedding. If you want to live in the era of royalty and want to give the royal touch to your wedding, then Royal Routes India (RRI) is the best option in Rajasthan as a destination wedding planner for you. It is the luxurious destination wedding planner in the state of Rajasthan. You will be impressed by the services of RRI in your wedding. The land of royal people offers you to exchange your vows of marriage in the style of king and queen. To choose Rajasthan for the destination wedding, will provide access to luxurious accommodation, pleasant Rajasthani Cuisine, most beautiful heritage hotel and vibrant markets. For more detail visit our website