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Royal Routes of India

Royal Routes of India

Royal Routes of India
Royal Routes of India

India Travel Tips

Best season to visit

If you are planning to visit North India, best season suggestible is between October to March. During this the weather is hospitable as this is winters and one can enjoy the best tourism experience with the mild breeze of cold air. Also wildlife can be best enjoy in this season as the majority of species come out of their shelters to enjoy and relax in the sunshine available as scanty. Thus, for capturing best moments of wildlife one should always keep in mind this duration while booking their wildlife tour.

Wardrobe selection

You are suggested to carry cotton blend fabric garments that will soothes your skin in the dry and extreme temperature of Rajasthan and its adjoining areas. But while visiting to a religious place you are strongly recommended to wear descent and body covering clothes.


to avoid any health hazard you should always pick your food from a well established brand specially when its ready to eat. You may find many street vendors selling Indian food but depending upon your choice you are suggested to go for a reputed and highly rated food joint. In India food is made up using spices of all genres which is exactly in contrast with what western population prefers.

Enjoying Festivities

Mostly Holi (March) and Diwali (October-November) are the most celebrated festivals that can be best enjoyed by booking your tour with Royal Routes of India where we provide best facilities and tour plan to enjoy these festivals by mingling with local peoples. During this season various other festivals like Gangaur(Rajasthan), Camel Fair (Pushkar), Jaisalmer Desert Festival etc are celebrated.

For Wildlife Lovers

If you are rustic and enthusiastic nature lover, India is ready to welcome you with wide open arms that stretches from north to south and from east to west with unending and unseen flora, avifauna and flora varieties. Depending upon your tour location India offers you major wildlife hotspots in the form of famous Wildlife sanctuaries like Gir National Park of Gujrat, Sunderbans of West Bengal, Kanha National Park of Madhya Pradesh, Fossil Park of Jaisalmer and the world famous Ranthambore National Park of Rajasthan.

Yoga Period

For a vacation where you just want to be with yourself and looking for serene calmness; to be enough to sink your body and soul, Himachal Valley and its petty imaginable Himalayan ranges is the best place to find what your seeking in this vacation. This classic location is the idle spot for having a peaceful time where you can enjoy yoga and its unfathomable power for relaxing your body and soul.

Calmness is the best policy

For one and everyone staying calm is the most important thing that helps in fighting and to win over the toughest situations of life. Being in India is this tool should be carried as an amour of all the time of your India Tour. Sometime creating fuss situation, overloaded information, confusing information and similar practices are adopted to make you loose your temper and to take advantage of it. So it is strongly suggested to always trust your instincts and remain calm for a righteous decision.